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Offshore Processing

Offshore processing or detention is a type of immigration detention in which people who come by boat seeking asylum in Australia are moved to be kept in processing centers in another nation. The Australian government staffs and funds the processing centers. When Australia sends people to another country to process the refugee claims, this is known as offshore processing. The government used offshore processing as a deterrent, saying it was “determined to send the message that unauthorized boat arrivals are still not welcomed in Australia.” “IMA Offshore Management” cost $1.078 billion (measured as one thousand million or 109) in 2015-16, according to the DIBP Budget Papers, and will cost $880 million in 2016-17.

Given the present population of around 1,300 people at Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, and Nauru, “processing” the people cost about $829,000 per individual in 2015-16.