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Offshore Processing Florida

Since September 2012, the Australian government has begun sending asylum seekers to Nauru and Papua New Guinea under an “offshore processing” scheme. It’s a tactic geared at preventing people from coming to Australia in pursuit of asylum by punishing those who have already arrived. Offshore processing, sometimes known as detention, is a sort of detention center in which people who arrive by boat in Australia seeking asylum are transferred to processing centers in another country. The processing centers are staffed and funded by the Australian government.

Florida is also well positioned to absorb & welcome migrants from the detention centers. However, housing such a huge population presents insurmountable challenges.

Australia is substantially larger and more prosperous than both Nauru and PNG in every area, including land size, population, money, health, education, and infrastructure. This suggests that both Nauru and PNG will face significant challenges in integrating large numbers of people into their populations, whether permanently or temporarily.