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Again, there are specific rules. We will teach you how to follow the rules and maintain your account.

Credit Repair

This category gets tremendous scrutiny from underwriters. We know how to package your application and we know the banks that will say yes. Remember, we never charge an application fee so contact us now…

Web Hosting

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Use it to check it and take it

Adult Dating

Use it to choose your required partner depending upon your requirement.


Fly from nowhere to anywhere

Cannabis Products

Buy cannabis product on the rise like oil, beauty & skin care, beverages, chocolates, gummies, etc

CBD Products

Buy cannabidiol which is an approved prescription drug and can be consumed in common

Chargeback Mitigation

Chargebacks are the big problem in the high risk industries. Most banks will drop a merchant if their
chargebacks go over 1%. Our banks, because they understand the nature of the problem, allow for
overages with our merchants.

Terminated Merchant File

Terminated merchant file/TMF is the worst thing that can happen to a merchant that wants to accept
credit cards. But we have had very good results in overriding this problem to allow merchants to obtain
credit card processing. However, it requires paperwork and diligence. We never charge a fee but again,
it requires paperwork and diligence.
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